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1.6 million books will be published in 2021. Most will only sell a handful of copies.  A handful will sell millions. 

And some will… Sell well, impact lives and make the author very happy. That’s you!

If you want to write and publish your book in 2021 (and you’re not JK Rowling) then join Sunday Times No.1 Best Selling Author and Book Writing Super Coach Michael Heppell for Write That Book Masterclass.

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Over 90 Days You Will

Learn the four keys that every author must master to publish and sell books in 2021.

Be inspired by The Masters. Titans of the writing, publishing and book marketing world. 

Attend Write That Book University. Hosted on premier learning platform Kajabi you will have access to hours of learning and inspiration.

Your very own accountability group of fellow authors who will help you to get your book over the line.

Learn in live group Training Sessions led by Michael Heppell

And these are just the highlights...

Learn from The Alumni. Successful Members of the most recent Write That Book Masterclass who want to share their knowledge of how they have written and published their books.

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Jeannie Duncanson
Author of The Educated Pheasant

Write That Book has been the best thing that’s happened for me during this pants year of COVID.

I have met such an amazing group of people, who have not only been supportive but also so encouraging when the fear and uncertainty kicked in.

Nick Finney
Author of The Bumps Ahead

When I opened the package and saw my book, in print, I cried.

Alan Rafferty
Author of Buying Your Granddaughter

Write That Book has taken me from wanting to write a book to having a book being published in November. I have also started a sequel. I can honestly say that had I not joined this group I would never have got my book written or published.

Let's hear from some of members of the Write That Book Masterclass Alumni 

Here's a short film showing a small sample of what some members experienced, their results and what could happen for you.   

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Creating a killer title

Developing a powerful sub-title that sells

Creating a promise – your why and what the reader will gain.

How to generate brilliant ideas

Building confidence in your idea

Setting up test groups

Using your fellow Masterclass members

Why you don’t really have competition

How to build a group of raving fans BEFORE your book is published so that when you press go, sales are guaranteed

Which platforms to use

How to set up your tech

Using online tools for free or super cheaply

Targeting your perfect reader

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

How to build and develop an email list

How to write so readers read

Using an Editor

How much to write

The four magic words every new author should know

Finding the time to write

Eliminating writer’s block

Creating the perfect writing environment

How long your book should be

Building self-belief. You’re an author!

Selling your book

How to write the perfect pitch document

What to avoid

Where to find publishers and agents

How to find an agent

Pitching to a publisher

The secret to free publicity

How to build an email list

Launching your book

Join Write That Book Masterclass first to know wait list

By joining Write That Book Masterclass you will learn from a very special group of people called The Masters. Each is an expert in their field.

Here’s who they are and what you can expect to learn from them:

Paul McGee
Speaker and Author of 12 Books including the International Best-Selling Series SUMO.

How to always find time for writing

Where to find ideas

How he landed his book deal

Why he told Michael to Shut UP and Move On

Creating an Author Brand

Rory Scarfe
Agency Director – The Blair Partnership (JK Rowling’s Agent)

Finding an agent

How the author/agent relationship works

What puts agents off authors

The top trait that sets some authors apart

His fascinating thoughts on what will work in 2021

The key to writing successful fiction

The publisher’s dream

Eloise Cook
Publisher Non-Fiction Pearson

A Red Flag that every author should avoid

The characteristic she looks for in every author

Her controversial thoughts on book titles

The difference between editor, copy editor, proof editor and publisher

Pearson’s entire process from pitch to publish

The fast track way to approach her with your idea

Catherine Emmett
Author – King Of The Swamp

The amazing way Catherine found her agent
The biggest single ‘thing’ about being a children’s author
Creating the right ‘metre’ for your children’s book
How children’s books are read so you know how to write
Working with more than one publisher
The best moment for a children's author

How many books she had to write before she had a hit

Paul East
Book Marketing Specialist with the Write Book Company
Truly understating your market
PR and Marketing Hacks that don’t cost a penny
The amazing benefits of being an author (more than you think)
Using local to build your brand
How to get gigs and signings in book shops
Finding the right publisher for you
And without doubt the best marketing idea for authors I’ve heard in years!

Fiona Deal
Part-time author of Meredith Pink’s Adventures in Egypt
Character creation
How she writes ancient mysteries wrapped up in modern adventures

Self-Publishing on Kindle and Paperback
Linking with Amazon
The importance of a great cover
Writing Shades of Grey
Why it’s ok to write rubbish
Setting up your support team

Alfie Joey
BBC Radio Presenter, Artist and Comedian
Making commitments to create pressure

How he develops ideas every day

How to be interviewed on the radio

The biggest mistake you can make if you’re on the radio

How to stay relaxed when you’re live

The author’s most important job when promoting
Creatively using and repurposing your content

Rachel Kenney
Author Talent Scout and Editor

Finding your first agent

What she’s looking for in an author (it could be you)

The danger areas most authors don’t even know about

What she learned from 10 years as Head of Harper Collins Non-Fiction
How to work with an editor

Andy Bounds
Communications and Sales Expert
Author of The Jelly Effect, The Snowball Effect and Top Dog

The number one communication skill which authors need

Why his pitch for The Jelly Effect was so successful

The importance of ‘the afters’ for your readers

The best time to write and be creative
How he brilliantly uses LinkedIn

Paul Mort
Author, Marketer and Coach

The amazing way he built his tribe

How to disrupt your industry

Name generation for products

What Paul hated about writing his first book

and what he did about it

The amazing side benefit he discovered by writing his book

Why he self-published his first book and the process he used

What’s vital to get right when self-publishing

The vital step you need in every communication

His shocking advice to children’s authors

Where he gets ideas for his legendary daily emails

Penny Haslam
Author – Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous

How to use a book to promote yourself

How to promote yourself so you can promote your book

Amazing ways to promote your work

How to get your book over the line

Using LinkedIn

How she found the motivation to write

Working with a publishing partner

Sue Richardson
Founder of The Flying Squad Publishers and partner in The Right Book Company

Why it’s true that everyone has a book inside them

How to write a book that people want to buy

Using a book to build your business

How to create an online launch

What authors should be thinking before they write a word

Creating the style and format of your book
How much autonomy you should expect when working with a publisher

What’s an imprint and how is it different from a publisher

The new ways of publishing and how you can benefit

Why you should always do the pitching process – even if you’re going to self-publish

How to avoid a publishing mistake that could cost you thousands

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Rev Brenda Forrester

Michael has brought us from a standing start and opened up the whole world of publishing our first book. An invaluable insight containing many elements.

The interviews are particularly instructive, and Michael delivers the course with great enthusiasm.

A very good value for money venture for anyone thinking of writing that book!

Charlotte Grand
Author of The Fertility Kitchen

Write That Book Masterclass is jam-packed with useful information, delivered in an engaging way. I started with a solid idea and by the end, not only had I pitched to a shortlist of agents, I signed with one!

If you have a book idea and want to take the next step, this course will provide step-by-step guidance and a wealth of ideas.

Paul Limb

Michael's knowledge of publishing plus his enthusiasm for supporting his group, added to the brilliant interviews and short films, all helped to make this masterclass great value for money.

Our own support groups, formed via the masterclass, have also been a great idea for constant support.

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If you're still unsure, take a moment to read these reviews from members of Write That Book Masterclass

Kerry Crichton

It’s been the best group that I’ve been part of and sharing the journey with others has been wonderful. I have learned so much about the book writing and publishing process as well as all the fascinating subjects that people are writing about.

Elizabeth Chandler

Write that book Masterclass has given me the motivation to actually write my book. The support from the entire group is just brilliant. Thank you Michael Heppell - you really have changed my life.

Sarah McGeough

I have learned so much in such a short space of time and have loved every moment. It has been such a joyous adventure and I have made some amazing friends along the way. I now feel I can actually achieve my goal of being an author with a book that means everything. 

Jeff Caplan

A brilliant programme that gave participants the key learning lessons they needed to master the mystifying skills required to publish their book.

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Rob Pickering

There are several aspects that need to align when it comes to writing a book: Knowledge, Mindset and Motivation. Michael's Write That Book Masterclass combines these three by providing invaluable experience and knowledge from his own publishing and from numerous experts too. The Facebook group plus regular online sessions and 'mastermind groups' provide the regular motivation and mutual support.

Ildiko SpinFisher

When I woke up one morning and decided it was time to write my book, I never dreamt that within a week I would be on the Write That Book Masterclass. The level of support from Michael has been outstanding. I have felt nurtured, inspired, cared about and I have learned so much within an amazing group of fellow writers. I am now an Author with an important message to share with the world through my book and Michael has got me there.

Philippa Mathewson

The Write That Book Masterclass has been Brilliant! I have learnt and developed so much and have no doubt at all that I will complete my book as a result of attending. This program has made my dream a reality and it would never have been possible without Write That Book Masterclass.

Jennifer Flint

The whole experience from the pop-up group, to completion of the masterclass programme, has been an absolute joy.  I have made new friends. I have connected with a wonderful, generous community of people from across the world. Most importantly, I have made more progress in my writing in the last four months than I managed to achieve over the previous fifteen years since I first decided I wanted to become a published author. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

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Dave Jeal

The Masterclass experience has been brilliant at developing my understanding of what I need to do to successfully publish a book. Without doubt what I learnt about publishing and marketing helped me avoid pitfalls that I would definitely have fallen into.

Mark Norton

Write That Book Masterclass is a brilliant way to propel your ideas to the next level.

Christine Beech

The children’s story hidden inside me, was ready to be penned. Without this course and the support of other aspiring authors, my book would never have surfaced.

Richard Perry

Truly a Masterclass from a Master.

Amazing Levels Of Service For Write That Book Masterclass Participants

We asked members of the most recent Write That Book Masterclass for their feedback and they were all surveyed for an NPS (net promoter score).

Members gave Write That Book Masterclass a staggering NPS score of 81 which is higher than Amazon and Apple (combined!)

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