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17 Minutes With...

A series of interviews with fascinating people talking on extraordinary subjects.
From entertainment to business, the arts to education and a whole host of other areas including TEAM17 Members.

TEAM 17 Community

A private group of like-minded positive people to encourage and support you.
Key to your success is to help others and be helped.

TEAM17 is the ultimate way to achieve this.

17 University

Fascinating learning modules covering everything from time management to motivation, influencing skills to dealing with overwhelm.
Accessible 24/7 to learn at your own speed.


Every Wednesday at 18:17 (UK time) Michael or a member of TEAM17 share their thoughts. 

More ideas to make you better. 

Michael Heppell LIVE

Regular LIVE broadcasts from Michael Heppell (described as one of the top three professional speakers in the world) answering your questions, special live guests, loads of fun and much more.

DAY 17

On the 17th day of every month we all come together for Day 17 - a very special live event. 
Check in with your team. Reset your goals. Get stuff over the line!


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Exclusive Video Content

Michael has recorded exclusive video content designed to motivate and inspire.

Massive Action Projects

Do you have a project that you want to get over the line? 

A Massive Action Project (MAP) could be just the thing to help you to achieve your goal. 

Audio Downloads

TEAM 17 Members are given the opportunity to download amazing audios, to listen to anywhere at any time

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Specialist Streams

Stream 17 is exclusive to TEAM17

You'll be invited to join streams (or create them) where you can go deep into an area for your development.

You’ll work with a group of like-minded people and accelerate your development and knowledge. Previous streams have included:

  • Marketing and Building Brand
  • Creating Habits
  • Building Your Network and Connections
  • Automate your tech
  • Review The Edge - with the author
  • Fit & Fabulous
  • Explore Faith
  • Challenge Racism
  • Build Self-Confidence

Your questions answered

17 Minutes With... 

A unique series of interviews with some extraordinary people.

From famous household names to extraordinary minds, all who are happy to share with TEAM17 their ideas, stories and personal lives.

Here's just a small sample of our 17 Minutes With Interviews.   

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You'll receive immediate access to:

28+ 17 Minutes With... interviews including:
Davina McCall - TV Presenter
Sarah Cox - Radio 2 DJ
Kelly Hoppen - Interior Designer
Patrick Kielty - Comedian & Presenter
DJ Fat Tony - DJ (who knows everyone!)
Irene Dorner - Chair of Taylor Wimpy
Joshua Robertson - Comedian, Writer, Actor
Jamie Waller - Entrepreneur, Author, Philanthopist 
Brad Parkes - Clubs Guru
Michael Douglass - Hairdresser & Presenter
Prof Tanya Byron - Psychologist 
Michel Owen - Brand Expert
Jeffrey Gitomer - King of Sales
Richard Nugent - Leadership Expert
Neil Mullarkey - Original Member of the Comedy Store Players
Andy Alderson - Founder of Vanarama
Dr Guilermo Recatero - Physiology expert
Tim Brownson -Coach to Life Coaches
Manoj Krishna - Founder Human Enquiry Project
Theresa Jauregui - Yoga & Positive Psychology enthusiast
Jonathan Raggett - MD Red carnation Hotels & Hotelier of the year
Andy Gilbert - Founder Go MAD Thinking
Joachim Buaro - Live From Hell!
Kellen Ann Fisher - Founder Cards That Wow
Sian Evans - Accomodation and Living Space expert
Diane Romarno-Woodward - Weightlifting Pensioner & Occupational Health Expert
Mike Hubbard - Super Dad and Wim Hof practitioner
Corrine Dennis - Cycle-wear Entrepreneur and the UK's most successful female aerobatic pilot
Mark Spelmann - Magician and Britain's Got Talent's most watched audition
Hossain Rezaei - Founder of Pride Valley Foods
Prof Wendy McCracken - First UK Female Professor for Deaf Education 
Dr Vicoria Wilson-Crane Author, Grief Counsellor and Education Expert
Andreea Sandu - Coach specialising in helping introverts to shine
Simon Alexander Ong - Coach and author of Energize

Expert Lead Stream 17 Sessions. Including:

Marketing & Brand
Paul Cable - CMO Vanarama
Danny Young - Online Marketing Expert

Building Your Network
Oli Barrett - The UK's most connected person
Bob Burg - Networking spoecailist
Big Ian Donaghy - Community Connection Expert
Jill Chitty - LinkedIn expert
Julie Creffied - Tribe Builder

Habits Stream
Mike Hubbard - Chosing Your Narrative
Steve Kelly - Founder START
Alex Myers - Habits Coach

Fit & Fabulous Stream
Dean Coulson - Author of THRIVE!
Dr Fiona Ellis - Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well
Theresa Jauregui - Live Yoga

Review The Edge
3 Live sessions with the author

Tech Stream
How to Set Up a Mailing List
The Sweet Set up With Mike Schmitz
Automate Your Business with Justin Turner

Energy Stream with Ildiko Spinfisher

Office 365 Stream with Dave Barker
Covers, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Challenging Racisism and Promoting Inclusion with Gillian Neish

Confidence Stream with Des Reynolds

Staty your Art Stream with Sue Trusler

Learning Sessions Hosted By Michael Heppell
17 Minute Sprints in Action
Creating a Value Statement
Massive Action Projects
17% More or Less
Your List of Lists
Focusing on your Unique Ability

PLUS Repeats of every DAY 17 session. 
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